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Exhibitor Space Guidelines, Rules And Regulations

Exhibit Size

Minimum space is 10’ x 10’. Multiple 10’ x 10’ spaces, 10’ x 20’ end-cap and free-form “island” exhibits of 20’ x 20’ and larger are also available, based on exhibit area request.

Product Eligibility

All products and services exhibited must be directly related to the teaching or practice of radiology and approved by the Technical Exhibits Committee Chair. Exhibitors may only display those products and services that they regularly manufacture or distribute.

Space Guidelines:

Free-form Booth: An “island” 20x20’ and larger exhibit area. No part of a free-form exhibit may exceed a height of 16’ from the floor of the exhibit hall to the top of the structure. Free-form exhibits must submit an electronic format booth layout with elevation and perspective view to ASNR for review and general conformity approval.
Linear Booth: A 10x10’ space or multiple 10x10’ spaces arranged in a straight line and have neighboring exhibitors. The maximum height of 8ft is allowed only in the rear half of the booth space, with a 4ft height restriction imposed on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle so as not to obstruct sightlines of neighboring exhibitors.
End-Cap Booth: An End-Cap booth is exposed to aisles on three sides and comprised of two booths [10x20’]. The maximum back wall height of 8ft is allowed only in the center rear half of the booth space and within 5ft of the two side aisles, with a 4ft height restriction imposed on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle.

Educational Functions

Any function must be approved by ASNR. Exhibitor must submit a written request for any function that they wish to hold during the 2019 Annual Meeting to the ASNR Director of Meetings no later than sixty (60) days prior to the meeting.

Non-Exhibiting Companies

Non-Exhibiting companies are prohibited from conducting any meetings or soliciting in the aisles, lunch, public areas, or in an exhibitor’s booth during ASNR Annual Meeting, including move-in, show days and move-out.


If you have questions about the ASNR 2019 space contract, please contact:

Claude Adomaitis,
FAX: (630) 574-0661
PHONE: (630) 574-0220